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Sacred Sensual Dance

All movement arises from the core. We have the ability to dance whatever is real inside of us. In this workshop, we are going to explore the concept of bringing our consciousness into the womb, accessing our deepest feminine creative potential and our sensuality. In the womb, where all life begins, we will find stillness in that center of ourselves, allowing movement to flow naturally from that quiet place of power, reflection and intuition. This is the heart of ourselves as sensual, sexual beings. From this place, we will explore belly dance posture and basic belly dance movements and techniques, as we learn how to interact with one another. No prior dance experience is required. Men and women are welcome.

Behind the Veil

Historically, veils have been used in a number of contexts, from a modesty shield from the world, to a protective garment women were forced to remove and frame around themselves in erotic ways, to a tool used sensually in dance. Together we will explore these concepts within the art of the dance, playing with the energies of modesty and eroticism. The veil also carries the symbol of being like water in solid form. Here we will also explore the watery nature of this erotic form of dance

Freedom Through Movement: Sinuous and Serpentine

Snakes are a symbol of death, rebirth, sexuality and original sin. We will explore the mythology of serpent energy in relationship to our dance, everywhere from the sacred to the profane. Ever watch a snake move…one vertebra at a time? In this dance workshop, we will explore this fluid and intentionally rhythmic way of connecting with our spines in dance, connecting deeply and ecstatically with our own beauty and sensuality of body and spirit. Snakes also can be so still, there is a balance here. One yogic principle around movement, is that when we create structure and boundaries in the body, it allows the spirit to soar. In this playshop we will explore the balance between sinuous and serpentine movement and stillness as a path to ecstatic bliss body expression. Men and women are welcome here.

Dancing Silk


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